Thursday, 4 February 2010

Home sweet home

Morning everyone,
I'm just back from Mothers & Toddlers with Deb and Joshua, great fun. He is such a wee honey, I love how he reaches for cuddles, snuggly boy. When we got back here he was looking for Ethan, do cute...they really love each other and Ethan is very excited that J will be on holiday with us!
Deb had a look at Ethans quilt which is finished and being much loved by Ethan and the cats! We discussed fabric options for Joshuas quilt, so hoping to get cracking on that soon. My beautiful sister in law brought me 2 lovely yankee candles from NY, have them burning away now.
I've finished quite a few of my sewing projects, made the cath kidston padded placemats, reupholstered my dining chairs and desk chairs and working on 2 canvas' and cushions for my bedroom....busy, busy!

Ethan is off to Florida on Fri (they fly sat am), so I am heading up to my Nannys for a few days. I am really going to miss him, feeling sad already!

Well I am off to stalk the postman as am waiting on stash and more fabric!

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1 comment:

Katy said...

wooohooo love all your sewing hunny, you go for it. Im working on my CJ at the moment and putting the rest of my storage in, nearly finished yay.

Ethan will have a super time and im not surprised you will miss him, but he will be back before you know it lol.

Love ya bestest Katy xx