Saturday, 27 February 2010

We have some order...


I had a very successful trip to Ikea yesterday with Kim, and a very expensive one too! Who knew about the Ikea breakfast, soooo yummy and only £1.69, will defo be going back to have breakfast again soon! Well they didn't have the cocktail glasses in that I wanted and I didn't buy any fabric this time, and I saw some lovely children's prints and some to make lots of lovely 'home' bits, not that I need an excuse to go back!!

During the week I had made a list (checked it twice, lol!), sketched what I wanted the area to look like, how much storage I would need ..... and I am so pleased with the end result. It is great to have everything to hand, but in a non-cluttered way. It has also freed up masses of space in my fitted wardrobe, which is great.

I also got a pole to hang the pens/tool pots from, but typically my drill was out of charge last night, so I will do it today. I got 6 cushions, the plain filler ones in different sizes to make lots of new cushions for my bedroom and I am also going to make two with the remnants of Deb's curtain fabric, for their bed.. hmmm what else? Some new wine glasses (so I can keep my CK ones for 'best'), these ones have the same sort of vintage feel, a new curtain pole for the bathroom, photo/picture frames, a mirror, curtain tape...hmmmmm there is something else but can't remember... and finally, while I was waiting for Kim to bring the car round I just had to get some bits in the food hall mmmmm!

I was planning to go down to the farmers market today, but when I opened my curtains this morning, I realised that we have deep snow. So I will give it a miss and stay in and play with my new stash (had a bit of a splurge on the new Maya Road chipboard, the new Thickers and some prima pebbles and swirls) ... I am in embellishment heaven!

Have a great day!
em x

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