Tuesday, 25 November 2008

I Heart Aga's!!!

So our retreat was amazing, wonderful, loads of fun, and to directly quote Jo and Sonia 'great food, great location and great company'!! Our house was in fact a mansion, but was so homely and perfect. The kitchen became the central point (well that and the barn with our huge scrapping table!) as it was lovely and cozy thanks to the fabulous aga (i seriously have to add one of those to my dream kitchen wish list!!).

We have loads of photos (we also managed to fit in a proper photo shoot, thanks beckie!!), I will add some soon (or look at Hils blog as she has some up already). It was really strange yesterday, not to be surrounded by them all, missing you all already ladies!!

The gold star goes to Hils, she is the most efficient, prolific scrapper I have ever seen. I didn't do as much (although **coughs** I was the only one who managed to alter my reindeer, ha ha!!), we had a couple of lovely mini book classes, thanks to Sonia and Beckie, although I have now crossed a BIA off my wish list as it totally stressed me out!!

Anyway, it was a total blast, I loved it (even if I was ill with the cold throughout, hope none of you get it!!) and we are already planning our next trip!!

But back down to earth with a bump .... charlie is ill... so I have given him some chicken and hope that it settles his tum.... I am working today and then I have Greek and we are out to dinner, so I can really do without a trip to the vets! Charlie hasn't been ill for a year, but when he does get ill he goes all out, unlike his sister who has the constitution of an ox!! Thank goodness for cat insurance!

I also came to a decision yesterday about the baby classes... I have had a lot of demand for the Saturday morning one, that i was going to start later on next year. But after giving it some thought, and after having some time to myself this weekend (which I don't get, as I either work, have Ethan all week or work weekends!) I have decided to be brave and make the jump! I emailed all my interested mums and already have 4 confirmed spots, and that is without my marketing assault which is starting this week! So from January onwards I will have Saturdays free YAY!!! I can't wait to get to the farmers market, hee hee!!

Right, I had better get moving... ohhh before I forget, my second box of SA goodies was waiting for me when i got home ..... so my mind is buzzing with ideas!!
ok, am defo going now!
em x

Thursday, 20 November 2008

One more sleep!

Ooooh what a couple of weeks I have had!!

Basically, I had a long checklist of jobs to get through and I was a tad stressed and daunted by all the work I had to do and how I was going to get it all done in time, but I have done it! I've still got a long list left, but for now I can take a break. My UKS teamies and I head off to our retreat tomorrow, for 3 days of fun, gossip and scrapping! You should see all the food we have, think there is going to be as much eating as there is scrapping. Plus Bex is going to teach RP class, am really looking forward to that!

My SA Challenge 1 work has been submitted (phew ... although I loved working on it, I definitely like working to a deadline and under pressure ... i am not so sure about my blood pressure, lol!) although I stupidly forgot to take any pictures .... duh!

I have also made lots of progress with the baby classes (launching in January 2009!!!!), been doing lots of marketing, development, planning and training. Lisa and I are going to spend all next week doing a big leaflet drop, and get posters up all over Kdy! It is basically going to be non-stop, well I guess that is what it is like if you are running your own business. But I am really pleased with how it is going, it is very exciting!

Well I am all packed, although I haven't picked any photos to take..... will do that in the morning as I am really tired. Then Hils, Beckie and I will load our totes and head off onto our road trip adventure to our Cottage in the lakes, I wonder if we could get a starbucks on the way ......!!?

Will update you all with photos and gossip next week!
Night night ... don't let the bed bugs bite!!
Em xx

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Bad Blogger!!

Sorry, sorry, sorry!

I haven't written for ages. Loads going on and I am really busy (and a tad stressed out, ha ha!!).

I am very excited to announce that I have been picked as one of the 12 Scrapbook Apprentices, we are all really busy completing our first challenges. For more info check out the Creativity Life blog.

I am also really busy as I am launching my baby sign language classes in January, which is really exciting. Plus I am demonstrating scrapbooking at work on Thursday night, so have loads of prep for that to do. All this along side everything else, so I am a bit tired at the moment! But on the upside, I am babysitting Joshua on Sunday evening, can't wait. I will be poking him to wake up so I can have a cuddle!!

Here are some recent pics, as it has been so long ...
OK, better get going as need to do a ton of work today!

Em x