Thursday, 20 November 2008

One more sleep!

Ooooh what a couple of weeks I have had!!

Basically, I had a long checklist of jobs to get through and I was a tad stressed and daunted by all the work I had to do and how I was going to get it all done in time, but I have done it! I've still got a long list left, but for now I can take a break. My UKS teamies and I head off to our retreat tomorrow, for 3 days of fun, gossip and scrapping! You should see all the food we have, think there is going to be as much eating as there is scrapping. Plus Bex is going to teach RP class, am really looking forward to that!

My SA Challenge 1 work has been submitted (phew ... although I loved working on it, I definitely like working to a deadline and under pressure ... i am not so sure about my blood pressure, lol!) although I stupidly forgot to take any pictures .... duh!

I have also made lots of progress with the baby classes (launching in January 2009!!!!), been doing lots of marketing, development, planning and training. Lisa and I are going to spend all next week doing a big leaflet drop, and get posters up all over Kdy! It is basically going to be non-stop, well I guess that is what it is like if you are running your own business. But I am really pleased with how it is going, it is very exciting!

Well I am all packed, although I haven't picked any photos to take..... will do that in the morning as I am really tired. Then Hils, Beckie and I will load our totes and head off onto our road trip adventure to our Cottage in the lakes, I wonder if we could get a starbucks on the way ......!!?

Will update you all with photos and gossip next week!
Night night ... don't let the bed bugs bite!!
Em xx

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Katy said...

yay you have fun on the retreat cant wait to see pics :D

Sounds like your all ready for the big launch in jan hope it all works out for you :)

Katy xx