Wednesday, 3 March 2010

at times like this ....

I am so glad I am my own boss and when I am not teaching I work from home....

My boy is sick, so he is currently snuggled on the sofa with his quilt, monkey and Dr Who and I am able to do some work developing my new class programme. I am sure he will be fine soon, after school yesterday he just lay motionless on the sofa (Ethan is never still!), didn't want his dinner (couldn't even manage a jelly or an ice lolly, again unheard of), complained of a sore throat and tummy, was very hot with a temp of 38.4!

So today he is home with me, getting some TLC! March is proving to be a hit of a month so far... it finally looks like Spring is here, and I have been very busy with work. I have been developing a new class programme for a while and finally decided to launch it after Easter. It is called Messybugs, a craft and messy play class for children 1 - 5, so works well with my existing classes, and the Messybugs name is a play on 'Jittabugs' get it, lol! I am also developing it so that it can be sold along with the other franchise packages and thus making me much needed moula, hee hee!

So, I had better sign of, I am sensing that the patient needs a snuggle from mummy!

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