Sunday, 29 November 2009

It's coming .......!!!

I can feel the excitement.... as I lie here in my sick bed, my mind is whirring with all the things I still have to do, projects to complete, goodies to bake/make, the fun we are going to have ...

Christmas is coming everyone!

Fortunately I am beginning to feel a little better, but it is highly deceptive. You think, 'oh I feel better today, lets get up' (not dressed, for I am still in PJs, but get up!). However even trying to do the simplest thing is extremely tiring. I looked at the floor yesterday and almost passed out (note: it wasn't bad, I am a clean freak, so a couple of days without the hoovering of 2 cats and a small boys mess makes me twitchy!). So I started to hoover, but it got too much and I felt donr in, but I couldn't leave it half done, that would bug me just as much. I had to finish it.... and I did, but then I had to sleep for 2 hours!!!

Lying in my bed all day, sleeping, thinking, I have had the chance to take a step back, reflect, analyse and ponder. I feel like I have fallen back in love with Ethan, or rediscovered him or something (not that for a moment I had stopped loving him or forgotten him). He has been so special, so sweet, so loving, so funny and amazing these past few weeks, while I have been ill. He is a joy, a treasure and I am in awe of him, how he is growing, changing, learning. He is so much fun, 5 is certainly a magical age. He is loving school, fascinated with learning, keen to learn. In fact he often asks at 6.00am (yes 6.00am!!!) if he can do his homework, his numbers or his letters!!! There has been less time spent in front of the TV, more time being creative, playing with play dough or moon sand, in imaginative play, reading, doing homework ... there has been lots of laughter and harmony in the house, and it really makes me smile.

I feel it is my job to support his attitude to school, make it a great positive expereince for him, take part, get involved. I am (well pre swine flu!) thoroughly enjoying being involved with the school through the PTA, it is great and I get to know what is going on, form a better relationship with the teachers, head, and other parents. Lots of things to organise, which suits me, lots of baking, crafting, chatting and generally getting stuck in! Ethan is enjoying the fact that I am so involved, but ask me again when he is 10, and due to my involvement, know exactly what he has been up to at school ... then it might be a different story!

But back to Christmas .... he has a school nativity (he is the narrator) so lines to learn, costume to make and songs to sing. As well as the traditional songs, they are also singing 'Step into Christmas' by Elton John, so on Friday I downloaded a couple of Christmas CDs for him (and me, lol!) so he could practice, dance and be merry!

Ethan is really excited about Christmas this year, I think at 5, he is at the perfect age, it is magical, he is understanding the message, the traditions... so I am embracing that (any excuse) and Christmas is going to be BIG this year...

Roll on Thursday when I can leave the house ..... I have a long list of things to do.. I just hope my body can take the frenzy of activity... here is a small selection of the things I still have to do;

get the tree
make Christmas cards

finish felt garland
make mincemeat/stuffing/baking
finish sewing table runners
make skirt for my desk
finish gift buying
collect holly from the woods
make more chutney
December daily
finish painting bathroom

there is so much more ... but I am exhausted now ... time for a nap!

em xx

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Katy said...

Hey Chick,

Wooohooo, you have so much to do, just like me, im so looking forward to christmas this year, spending it with my boys and family. Christmas has always been hard for me with being ill, but nope not this year its going to be mega and i so cant wait, and you make it all the more fun for me to, keeping my spirits up as you always do, so i have you to be thankful for to.

Make sure you send me some of that chutney il be needing it!

Ethan is so super cute, the things he says, the things he does, what a super little lad you have and he has been so great with you being ill hun, its lovely to sit back and reflect on things, thats what i love to do, not before it use to scare the hell out of me, but now i love it.

Will ring ya in a bit.

Love you my dear friend

Katy xxxx