Thursday, 26 November 2009

Oink oink!

Well........I have swine flu! Been feeling really, really ill since last thurs, went to doctor and with tests, he confirmed it. Started taking tamiflu last night, so fingers crossed. I've been sleeping huge, huge amounts and not really eaten in a week, so that along with vomiting I am sure to be a size 0 by end of house arrest next Thursday! Friends, my neighbour and family all really being amazing, pitching in to help me get through it and cope with Ethan. A special thanks to katy for keeping me sane!!! Love you, thanks for making me laugh!

Right, that has used up last of my energy. So off for a nap!
Take care
Em xxx

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1 comment:

Katy said...

oink oink my friend lol hope your feeling a little better, stay in bed and chill. Im always at the ready for the giggles we have mwwaaahhhh.

Love ya hunny

Katy xxxx