Wednesday, 23 September 2009

World domination ... baby style!

Morning all,

It is a lovely day here .. I have been up since 6.30am, thanks to two cheeky little monkeys ... but it means that I have done all the housework and now sit drinking coffee and twiddling my thumbs while I wait for Joshua to wake up from his nap so that I can pop out to get some groceries.

We have been having J to stay one night a week and I have him all the next day to help out Deb as she gets ready for going back to work ... I love it. I am so proud/lucky/honoured to have this time with him and so grateful that they want/need my help. Family is so very important to me an it means so much that Ethan and I can be a huge part in Joshua's life!!

Got lots going on at the moment .. the business is going really well and I have had so many enquiries about additional classes and with all the babies growing up I wanted to add something to keep growing with them. So I finally set a date, faced the fear and decided to launch my two new classes. Baby Move and Groove (basically a yoga/music/movement class) and a toddler/pre-school Move and Groove class (music/movement/dance/drama)... I am starting these after the October holidays, so very excited, very busy .. and a tiny bit scared!!

I am also organising the school Halloween disco with the PTA, great fun... I love Halloween... any excuse to get dressed up, decorate the house and bake lots of fun yummy things!

Anyway, I think I can hear my monkey stirring!
Have a great day!
Em x

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