Saturday, 30 July 2011

Lazy summer days

Oh I do so love the sunshine!
Just chilling out, catching some rays. Everything seems better in the sunshine! We have been really lucky with the weather up here recently (watch this, I've probably jinxed it and it will rain tomorrow! Lol!). The sun is just so positive, it makes me happy, invigorated, feeling free....I know I sound daft.

But I am all about being outside, I love exploring. Trees, walking in the woods, strolling along the beach, chilling in the garden, playing in the park. We do that in all weather, literally, sunshine to snow. But I prefer sunshine the best!

But I know that these lazy summer days are drawing to a close, which makes me sad. I love the relaxed pace, I love just hanging out with my boy. I so don't want him to go back to school. I want to keep him with me. That's one more (school) year gone... But at least it's not long until the October holidays, haha!

So the past few weeks have all been about summer and home. As well as getting out and about enjoying the holidays, we have been chilling at home, which has meant lots of baking! Mmmm, in the run up to the holiday, my baking sessions had lessened (bikini!!!) but now that has passed, I am free to bake (and eat!!). Our next trip is all booked, 7th October 2012 (am in full planning mode, and a tad addicted to DIBB!), but I've got plenty of time to indulge!! It is also about this time of year that I start to think about all the home projects that need doing.....I like to get the house all revamped and beautiful for am busy with curtains at the moment!

I am also a bit addicted to re-watching my Mad Men box-set, so I am currently wearing one of my beautiful vintage 1950s housecoats that I picked up at a fab little shop. It's that step between pjs and a dress, you feel relaxed, but still glam! Think I might just pop on my pearls for that added Betty Draper vibe!

Right my loves, I had better get on.

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