Thursday, 10 July 2008

Introducing Harry and Bob ....

.... the two newest members of our little pet family!!
Debbie and Geoff took us up to the pet store today to pick out Ethan's new fish. We were only allowed to get 2 today, we have to wait a week to introduce the next two. My how fish care has changed, in my day you just threw them in a bowl and hoped for the best!!

Ethan decided to name them Bob (the black one) and Harry (the gold and white one), and has been very attentive, he is particularly keen to use the little net we bought!

We also went to Old MacDonald's as i have been trying to pack up the kitchen and couldn't be bothered making lunch!! I am a bit anxious about all the mess that the installation is going to create ... but I know that it will only be for 2 days and then I can clean, clean clean!! Little does Joanne know, but i am going to rope her into helping me move my dining table on Saturday night, as I almost gave myself a hernia when i put it up last time!!

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