Monday, 8 November 2010

tiredness ...zzzz

Tonight I reached new levels of tiredness. After waking a few times in the night (think the noisy wind was waking him up!), Joshua was awake at 5am this morning, I managed to get both the boys back to sleep in my bed (an arm around each of them) until 7am .. but that 5am wake up had taken it's toll. By the time 7pm rolled around I was a crumpled mess .... but both boys were fed, watered, bathed and happy in their pjs, and giving me a lovely cuddles when Debbie got back from the airport...

I have been really busy today, and managed to get quite a bit of work done around J's nap time, I have been making felt Christmas decorations, and while I was putting him down for his nap I got a great idea for a penguin one, so when he was asleep I quickly knocked up a sample.

Things have been going really well, I have loads of orders already, all through facebook and good word of mouth. Since Friday I have had orders for 15 personalised stars, 2 personalised Santa sacks, some Christmas bunting, 2 cushions and a canvas ... yikes, and that is without the shop being up yet!

I submitted my first assignment last week, so fingers crossed for the results. I have another tutorial on Saturday, so hopefully find out then.

Right, Spooks is on soon .. so as long as I can keep my eyes open!

Night night
em xx

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