Saturday, 27 November 2010

it's begining to feel a lot like

... Christmas!

Yes, we have snow!!! I got such a surprise last night when I looked out of the window to see all the snow... so exciting, where has this year gone ...? December has just crept up on us, but I love it. I am all set; Christmas shopping is all done, baking and store cupboard goodies under way, Christmas Eve panto tickets bought, tree coming tomorrow (love my bro!) and I can't wait!

Between now and then though I have 4 craft fairs and and lots of orders to get through ... but come 21st December, I will be off 2 weeks and boy will I need it! The craft fair went really well last week, it was lovely to meet all my new 'colleagues' as well as getting lots of advice on running a craft business.

I had a chilled start to the week, as I have been so busy I needed to listen to my body and just have a few days to recharge and rest. Ethan and I did some baking, had dinner out and I also found some time to do some for shopping. Found some more lovely vintage fabric, some I am keeping for me and some I am going to use in future projects for the shop!
I also got some really good news this week, it just keeps coming and coming, from a friend who is a TV producer. They are developing a new property make-over show and asked me to do some design work/consultancy... so fingers crossed, we will see where this road leads me! Here are a few of the projects I have been working on this week!

On non Christmas/crafting related news we have found THE villa in Orlando, it is AMAZING... I have never been to the US before, (been to the Dominican and Grenada a few times), so I am mega excited... also V excited to go back to Disney, the real one (been to Paris before) and also can't wait to go to Harry Potter world!!! We are going in May next year, it will be me and E, my bro, Deb, Joshua, my SIL's parents and some friends, so 10 adults and 3 kids in one huge villa, think I will need an extra suitcase for all the shopping I am going to do!!

Right, I have been working hard all day, so I am now going to have some supper and chill with a glass of wine and watch some cheese on TV!

Have a great evening
em x

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