Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Thank you, thank you!!!

well... I can finally breath again and also get some rest and not be living with this worry!

For the past 4 weeks, we have been living with the fear that Ethan might of had cancer. He has a hernia, which needs surgery (he has an appointment in October), but while we were in at the Dr he noticed something 'up' with his lymph nodes.. so we had to come back, then were refereed to paediatrician.. last week we had to go to the hospital. Ethan was so brave and as hard as it was, coped very well. He did so well that Daddy and I took him to the shop to buy a new toy. He was delighted. Still got some bruising on one of his arms, but it is all the pain is forgotten.

We finally got the all clear results on Saturday. He has to go for follow-up in December, I got his referral for that this morning... but phew. It has been a really difficult time, and not one i would like to repeat...

Ethan is now very much looking forward to his hernia surgery as he knows he will get a huge toy!! Funny boy!!

So I can now, once again look forward with hope ad optimism!

We have Joshua now for 4 days, he is currently having a nap, so the house is filled with laughter and lots of cuddles. J has recently discovered a love for everything 'Toy Story' much to mine and Ethan's delight as it is one of our fav films and E has ALL the toys :-)

J and I are off to Edinburgh tomorrow, once Ethan is safely at school as I want to do a bit of Christmas shopping (YES I have started planning for Christmas already!), I also have my eye on a Cath Kidston raincoat!

Better go and quickly eat some lunch while J is sleeping!
More soon
Em x

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Vicki said...

i'm so glad that E is doing so well, and his tests came back clear. have a great time in Edinburgh - excited to see the raincoat xxx