Wednesday, 22 September 2010

pencils at the ready ....

Evening all

This is just a quick one before i hit the sack ... we have Joshua with us at the moment and he has made the jump to a 'big boys bed' (he has been in one for a while now at his own house, i was just too scared to do it before now!). But he will be up with the lark. Very much like Ethan in that respect ... so I expect to be woken around 6/6.30 am tomorrow!

It is very strange seeing a baby-gate on Ethan's bedroom door again, especially so as he never needed one at this house .. throws up all kind of memories. Isn't it funny how an object can do that?! Also, food can do that too .. I had a PB sandwich on white bread the other day (we never have white in this house!) .. and instantly i jumped back to 1982, watching new 'new' channel on TV , channel 4, which only showed about 5 programmes, but it was still amazing .... sigh!

Anyway, lots going on. We have a fundraiser coming up at school, not only am i organising it (been working on designing the posters, tickets, raffle tickets etc this evening), I am also making lots of crafty bit to sell!

I also have lots of exciting stuff happening with my OU degree, got my tutor this week and a list of all my tutorials. Have my first workshop in Edinburgh this Saturday and am also go and see the Cezanne exhibition as my 3rd assignment is on Cezanne. I am v excited and raring to go. The course hasn't started yet, but I have been making a start on my studying. Doing Cleopatra at the moment .. very good!

Right peeps, I need to get to bed.
Sweet dreams!

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