Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Will power!

Morning all,

Well it's April, which means Deb, Marion, Jody (not that Jody needs to, skinny minny!!) and I are on the countdown to the holiday .... 14 weeks and we will be in the glorious Greek sunshine, so healthy eating from now on. So lots of will power required!

Ethan has been at Daddy's since Saturday, back Wednesday. So I have been chilling, scrapping, reading, catching up with friends and just generally enjoying the peace and quiet. I've had a bit of a bug the last few days, just sort of washed out and tired. But on the mend now. I had Joshua yesterday, love having my lil monkey. He has started saying 'mema', which melts my heart. I am so blessed to have my two beautiful boys. They mean the world to me and bring me so much joy.

Easter is a time for reflection, I have spent a long time thinking about life, my life, the future, where I want to go from here. I am so thankful for my little life, I am very lucky. It is the simple things, my family, friends, my home. I feel so complete, happy, settled, strong. Life is good. Some things I wish I could change, not for me, but for those I care about. I have a friend Katy, she is my bestest friend. She is so amazingly strong, inspiring, funny, daft. But very, very kind and loving. But sometimes she has bad days, days where I wish I could take away her pain, days where I wish I could reach out and pick her up, make it all go away. I can't, but I can love her, make her laugh and share our joy of the world around us!

So here is to the simple things, love, friendship, family and laughter!


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Katy said...

awwww i love you so much em your the bestest in the whole world and i know you would always help me if you could, but you always keep my spirits up and were gonna rock this world together hunny.

Love Ya Millions
Katy xxxx