Thursday, 6 May 2010

88 Reasons

Well, it has been a hectic-worrying-happy-fun-laughter filled-accident prone few weeks..... basically my Nanny fell down a flight of stairs at my aunts last Friday and we spent the weekend at the hospital, taking various turns, ups and downs ... medical changes ... worrying moments. But she is one amazingly strong woman, with thankfully only a broken arm and collar bone (not the heart attack that they originally thought.... or even bleed on the brain, eeek!). She was out to enjoy a surprise trip to Les Mis with Marion, Jody and I on Monday and a family meal to celebrate her 88th birthday on Tuesday. I made her a lap quilt for when she is siting in her chair at home and it was also my regular duty to make the cake. However this year I decided to do a massive raspberry Pavlova, yum!
I think it gave us all time to reflect and remember that she is fragile....but her spirit and force of life is so strong...I am in awe and just hope i have her strength when I am 88!

Ethan and I have just been to vote, he is really interested in the whole process, so it has been a great learning experience for him!

I have a lot of work to catch up on, so better get cracking. Will be back soon, I promise!

Come on Gordon!!!


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Katy said...

bless her dear heart, and happy Birthday to her, such a sweetie. She is strong and will be fixed in no time at all hun.

Ive voted all done, will be interesting to see the out come of this EKKKKK.

Love ya bestest

Katy xx