Wednesday, 11 February 2009

School's out!

Well, thee is no nursery for the next 3 days, in-service, so I am thinking up fun ways to keep my little munchkin entertained! We had a baking-fest this morn, and then we are heading into town. I said we might have a sneaky wee Old McDonald's! We are off to the park and then up to my brothers tomorrow and then off to see Amy and Michelle on Friday for a play-date, so that should keep him busy!

Ethan and his little 'girlfriend' gave valentines cards to each other, so knowing that his mummy doesn't buy cards, he asked me to make him a valentines card..... oh the pressure! His teacher told me that he has lots of the little girls fighting over him, and they all want to marry him, hee hee, oh dear, is this a taste of things to come?! I don't want him to marry anyone, I want him to stay with me forever.....!

We have been having lots of Wii fun, as I got him a new game this week, Raving Rabbits, hilarious, and so doesn't make any sense. But it is great relief from Ben 10, as I get a sore head from fighting all the aliens!

Also very excited, as we are about to book our family summer holiday, yay, 2 weeks of Greek sunshine coming up (well in July!!).

Also had lots of lovely stash delivered this week, am still waiting on one delivery, but t is coming from the US, so might take a we while. Plus got some yummy Liz Earle goodies (I forgot there was a TSV on QVC recently, dooh, but her website is fantastic!), as this weather had really dried out my skin, so it needed a bit of pampering. I LOVE Liz, have been using her stuff since 1996, it is fantastic, in my opinion the best skincare around...... am currently addicted to Superbalm ..... if you sit still long enough I will slap some on you!

Right, better move my but!
Enjoy your day!
em xx

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Katy said...

Hi hun, looks like you have plenty planned for little e im sure he will have fun :D

Stash parcels yummmmmmmmm, hope the one from the usa arrives soon :D

Liz Earl never tried the stuff, but have heard it is good, me thinks i better stop buying stash and get some :D

Speak soon hun Katy xxxx