Monday, 23 February 2009

Difficult Times ...

What a weekend .... lots of tears, having to say goodbye to someone we love dearly!

But also it was very nice to spend some time with my Nanny (she loved her mini book!). Ethan loves her so much and he was in tears when we had to leave on Sunday night, he wanted to stay with her!

Also last week Ethan damaged his eye, somehow, and he was in loads of pain, crying and begging with me to make it stop! The doctor had to put the special dye in it, and she said it looked quite scratched and gave him some cream and a load of patches to wear. Oh what fun, trying to get cream into an little monkey's eye ..... But thankfully it is much better as he isn't in as much pain.

I also found these funny pics from the other week of him playing his Wii wearing his 3D glasses from Bold, v funny. I think he looks just like Sam Sparro, lol!
I got some yummy stash this week, and also my next SA package, OMG, delicious, yum, yum, yum, can't wait to play! I also got these really useful boxes, so have been busy re-organising all my embellies and bits that sit on my desk. Organising and re-organising stash is so much fun!
I am just going to head off to bed and watch a DVD, I have made the pancake batter, all ready for tomorrows breakfast (it is pancake day! Although we have pancakes for breakfast quite often, so it isn't that exciting!!).

Anyway, not much to say in this post really.....
More tomorrow
em xxx

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