Thursday, 24 February 2011

Could it be ......?

I daren't say it ..... scared I will make it go away ... but we have the most glorious sunshine here today. Feels so lovely and warm. Making everything feel happy and positive (i do generally feel that everyday) but something about the sun just intensifies it ... fingers crossed SPRING is here!

I have had a lovely day so far; went into town after school run to collect some parcels. One for me, an awesome collection of KI Memories calendar paper for my Document 2011... thank you to Sally for tracking them down and getting them from America!! I did a bit more shopping, went to Dunelm Mill for some 'bits', got the stuffing for the boys beanbags and loads of zips (just because!) and some beautiful fabric (as i can't help it!). Then I met Joshua and Debbie for lunch, did the dreaded supermarket shop and then home to put my feet up and read this fab new mag!

Need to go and get my boy from school, and show him all the goodies I got in town for him... i love buying 'stuff' for Ethan (clothes, bug magazine, new reading books, fancy plastic wine glass so he stops using mine, star wars lego).... will maybe love it less so when he is 18 and the 'stuff' he wants are cars and flats, lol!

We have a big parent council meeting tonight, so better look out my notes and sharpen my pencils. The new headmaster of the local secondary school is coming to talk to us; will grill him on exam results, lol!

Right, need to put some flowers in a vase...
em xx

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missusem said...

Hey Em, how are you doing.. long time no hear.. :). Hope things are going well with you.. love those KI papers too! :) Have fun!