Sunday, 13 February 2011

Creative Sunday

Evening all;

Is is Sunday already?! Here are some pics from my week;

Well today was my 2nd day sans Ethan who is off to Centre Parcs for the week with Daddy....missing him v much. He phoned me earlier and having a ball, so I know he is happy :-)

I had a tutorial yesterday and did some work on the 2 assignments I have due, also caught up on my Sky+ backlog!! Today I have had a v chilled and scrappy day, sorting through stash and getting creative. Also did a spot of baking (what's new I hear you asking, lol!?).

Going for a lovely massage in the morn, then some work (yawn) and some play with Document 2011.

I'm hungry, so going to make some homemade flatbread and garlic prawns.... Yum!

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend?!

Em x

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