Friday, 22 February 2008

oh baby, it's cold outside!

Blimey, it is cold outside! Just back from taking Ethan up to nursery, we had our wellies on and great fun seeing who could make the biggest splash!
Got a nice cup of coffee now and a slice of the apple cake that I am in love with. Making it was an experiment, as I had no banana's for the banana bread, so just added lots of apples and raisins instead. It is sooo yummy and moist, will post the recipe later.
I am having a bit of a quandary this afternoon, was offered a job earlier. It is back in PR, which is what I used to do, before i started focusing on the events management side of things. It sounds really good, but it is in Dundee, although I wouldn't mind commuting, but the problem is the job is full-time. I don't really want to work FT again, as I love being at home with E and so involved in his day to day life. I found it really hard last time I was a full-time working mummy ....

So I am having to think about it......

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