Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Step away from the silicon!!

Evening all,

It is soooo windy outside even the cats are too scared to go out, I am just worried one of the trees is going to come through my kitchen window!!
Been doing some work on my A to Z journal, before I get too far behind. Here is my D entry, D is for daughter. I am really enjoying working on this, as it is a change to do something for me, as most of my LOs seem to be solely focused on a certain little monkey and his exploits!!

I have just finished another of the Birthday CC classes that I still had to do, I t was a sketch challenge by Shimelle and Banana Frog. The photos are from a day out my friend Michelle and I had with Ethan and Amy, we took them over to Edinburgh to the winter wonderland and a visit to Father Christmas.

All my LOs recently seem to be using silicon glue, think I am addicted, just wish it didn't smell sooo rank! I had a tube of it for ages, but had never used it until Jay came to stay for a scrapping weekend. I saw how great it looked and now I am hooked!

Right, I am going to watch Lost, and get my weekly does of Sawyer Lovin, hee hee!!

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