Thursday, 2 October 2008

and then life changed .....

Well, what a mad few days it has been .... my beautiful sister in law went into labour on Sunday evening ... but the minxy little bubba took 48hrs to make his entrance, yep, 48 excruciating hours. I felt sick, anxious, emotional, worried and totally stressed out .... i am very protective of my little (erm over 6ft!!) brother and have known Deb since school, so the wait for news was really hard.

I was getting regular updates by text and was then passing this info on to the rest of our friends and family ... so people kept asking me 'any news' ... I couldn't concentrate at work, and if anyone spoke to me, I feared i might cry ...

BUT, finally at 3pm on Tuesday afternoon I got the call I had been waiting for (whilst in the supermarket!) ... little Joshua was here. Phew.

So i am now an aunt.. Aunty Em ... maybe I should move to Kansas hee hee!

I met him yesterday and I nearly cried all over his perfect little head. It was like meeting Ethan for the first time, that overwhelming rush of love. He is beautiful, looks just like Geoff did as a baby and has loads of blond hair. Ethan was amazing with him ... as I held him he was over my back, looking down .. 'I like him Mummy' he whispered .. 'I am going to teach him to walk' ... bless my boys!! Ethan isn't usually that keen for me to hold babies and can get a bit jealous when i shower other children with affection, lol .. but he was really eager for me to hold him, even when Marion and Jody were getting a cuddle, Ethan said 'you hold him now Mummy'. This morning he asked if we could go and see Joshua again, I think he might of fallen in love with the little bubba too!

I cant stop looking at photos of him, and can't wait to spend more time with him and help him find his way in the world ... I love children, I love my friends children, the other children in my family .. but I know that Joshua has a special place in my heart. I am going up again on Friday and then on Saturday night, in fact I think I might go up every day ... maybe I could move in, (well they do have 5 bedrooms ha ha ha)!!

So before I start crying all over my laptop, or make you all vomit with the hallmark smaltz, I will leave you with some of the pics.

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Katy said...

Yay Aunty em at last, now you can join the Aunty club with me :D

he is so beautiful, and i cant get over the amount of hair he has, bless him, little Brooklyn still only has a little tee hee.

Congrats to your Brother and sister-in-law.

And welcome Little Joshua, you will get to no your aunty with the camera in her hand lol.

Katy xxxx