Monday, 6 October 2008

Countdown ....

Yikes .. there are only 11 weeks until Christmas.. so a kind colleague informed me yesterday .... better get my finger out and finish those cards. At least I have started my Christmas shopping, I am going to Edinburgh on Thursday for a meeting, so might get a few more bits then as I will be child-free!!

Been doing quite a bit of scrapping, but nothing I can show at the moment ... I have also had a couple of commissions through work, but don't want to put them up as they are photos of someone else's children, if you know what i mean ...? But mojo is certainly flowing ... i credit Joshua ... all those cute pics!

Got 2 weddings coming up, so need to try on party dress to see if it still fits, as I am now back down to a size 10! Can't claim any dieting credit, it is all down to illness and stress, lol!

Right, better get going.
Ta ta

1 comment:

Katy said...

yay well done you all that scrapping now PLEASE SEND MY MOJO BACK HOME :D

Well done on the weight loss, wish i could say the same ive only lost 2lb.