Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Strange dreams and a dongle ...

Yes, I have been having lots of funny/odd/peculiar dreams.. highly amusing. But i means I have been waking up at 4.30 scratching my head and wondering what it was all about...

Maybe is is because I have been devouring the new series of Dexter and Heroes and I love, love, love Joshua Jackson (remember Pacey ... swoon!) in Fringe. These are all a bit freaky, but oh so addictive. Thank goodness all the shows have returned from hiatus in the US as i am now back getting my McDreamy fix. I am a bit of an obsessive geek, so have a little schedule drawn up. It goes something like this;

Monday - download Brothers and Sisters, Dexter and Desperate Housewives.
Tuesday - download Heroes and Dirty Sexy Money

and so on and so on ... you get my drift!

Ethan and I are off up to visit my Nanny in the depth's of the Scottish Highlands in a few days, and such is the wonder of technology I can take my little 'dongle' and surf away up there. It will be particularly useful on the train a I can entertain E with the cbeebies website!!

I have also been trying to sort flights to Bristol to visit one of my oldest friends Carrie. I mean she isn't old, in fact she is only 3 days older than me. A fact she loved telling everyone when we were kids!! Carrie is the friend who I practiced kissing with (on our arms and against a mirror) and tried smoking for the first time, i am sure we even shoplifted a pot plant at one time. We were also HUGE Madonna fans (although I triumphed slightly as I have the same birthday as Madonna, and middle name and confirmation name,lol ... a fact i loved telling everyone ...). I particularly remember one Guide Barn Dance (see i told you i was a geek!!), where we wore matching knee length turquoise cord skirts and cerise pink bat-wing jumpers, patent black shoes with little white socks (well it was the 80s!!).

It will be lovely to visit again, I lived down there for most part of my childhood. I haven't been in years, but I know that there are some great scrap shops, ha ha!! But it will also be a little sad, and I know that I am bound to cry. We were best friends you see, and as a result of this our mum's became best friends and my brother and her sister 'went out', well Carrie and I made them kiss in a telephone box, lol! But my mum died 12 years ago, and I know seeing Di (her mum) again will bring all the memories back. But that is good. It is good to cry, and to remember.

So I search for flights ... and chuckle at all the memories and outfits that keep come flooding back! What were we thinking!!?

em xx

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Cleo said...

hope you have a good time in Bristol :)