Monday, 26 May 2008

Party Time ...

Just a quick post as it is a v busy morning and I am off to work in a wee bit. But v pleased as I have manged to book Ethan's party (yay!!), so just need to finish off the invitations and get them in the post!!

Can't believe my boy will be 4 in 6 weeks ... yikes, time is going to fast. Just need to get him to make his mind up on the cake (i want to make it, being the domestic goddess that i am, hee hee), but he wants a Dr Who cake, although last week it was a Power Rangers one!!!

Don't even know what to get him for his birthday ..... (he wants a dog or a gun, lol!!)



~Vicki~ said...

hiya, i'm coming to the kirkcaldy crop this month (can't wait) so thought i would drop in and say hi!!!

lol at a dog or a gun - 4 is a great age!!! one of my nephews is 3 soon and i can't believe it - i bought him rollerblades... so cute.

see you in june xx

~Doll~ said...

ooh meant to add...

i invite you to take my challenge


Jazzy1972 said...

I think he will have a fabby time, he is at the age where he will really appreciate it now.