Monday, 12 May 2008

Kiddy chatter ....

E has been chattering away in the bath ... singing to himself all about 'indy and the jones'.

He has a new passion along with the newly discovered Dr Who and Tom and Jerry. Ethan is now a big fan of Indiana Jones, so he is very keen to see the new installment out at the cinema soon. He particularly enjoyed the bits in the old films with all the spiders and skeletons!

Here are also some pics of a LO I was working on the other day. Despite the fact that I look so fat in the photo (i know, i know, I had just given birth!!), I am now starting to like it because of all the emotion it stirs in me.
Am now thinking of what to work on next... I have so much inspiration right now, working with all the fabric and seeing all the different stock at work, my mind is buzzing with ideas!!
Also just researching my new laptop, as I am hoping to get it in a few weeks. Have got my brother on the case, even tho he is off-shore, he is still my IT department (LOL) don't know what I would do without him!

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