Tuesday, 27 May 2008


Afternoon everyone ...

Oops ... brought more stash home from work ... plus lots of freebies!!

Have been challenged by Vicki to list the 5 things that make me happy, so here goes:

1. My beautiful, funny, delightful, wonderful son Ethan. He makes my world go round, he makes me get out of bed in the morning (usually early!!), he gives me unconditional love, loads of cuddles and most of all he makes me believe in all that is good and look to the future with happiness and excitement. He is my greatest achievement and I could sniff the top of his head and his warm skin forever!!

2. My friends and family. Although they both drive me insane, I wouldn't be without them all, mad band of merry folk that they are!! When the world gets you down, when times are tough, when you can't see the answer, my friends and family have helped me through. Nothing beats spending time with your F and F, laughter and love is the best!

3. Cooking. I love to cook, pottering about in the kitchen. I think in a previous life I was probably a witch, mixing potions and tinctures.... I love to cook for the people I love, more than I love to eat, which is a bonus!! I find cooking extremely relaxing and therapeutic, cooking for lots of people is especially fun, so I love cooking Christmas dinner (i know i am mental!!).

4. Sun. I just adore the feeling of the sun on my skin, shedding your clothes and feeling the warm air, basking in sunlight. I love my summer holiday and would quite happily go and live somewhere sunny, with a cold Mythos and some salted crisps... bliss!!

5. My bed. I have a feather bed, feather pillows and duvet and a 320 thread count covers, so my bed is bliss... especially after a Molton Brown bubble bath.. Even thought Ethan currently prefers my feather Haven to his own, I still love my bed. Nothing beats snuggling down for the night ... although I do end up with Ethan, Charlie and Lola squeezing me to the very edge by the time morning comes!!

Ok peeps, got to go and do some HW.
em xxx

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~Danity Doll~ said...

Hiya, so glad you did the challenge :) doesn't it make you feel good? it makes me feel good reading about it!!!

thanks for doing the challenge tho, and i'm glad that you seemed to enjoy it. i laughed at the witch part!!!