Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Loving the sunshine ...

Well it is a lovely sunny day again up here in Kirkcaldy. So Ethan and I headed off to the beach for a picnic. We stared out with E on the bike - but after having to push him and the bike (even thought he now knows how to peddle and use the breaks!!) I decided to take it back to the house and use the buggy as tired-boy-back-up, lol!!

It was fantastic, the sun was glorious and we had loads of fun... For some reason, the fact that we live so close to the sea had completely escaped my mind until we moved into the new house. But so far we have been going down at least once a week and E loves it. I plan to spend lots of happy days down there during the summer holidays (have already spread the word to all the other little people and Amy and Logan are both looking forward to our trips there!!).

I start my new job tomorrow, i am really excited. Must remember that I need to take up my new trousers.

Anyway - here are a few of the pictures from our outing.
Hope you are all enjoying the sun too?

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