Monday, 19 May 2008

Busy bee

Oh what a busy day E and I have had... but I am v tired now. Monday is my laundry day, so I was up bright and early, although i couldn't really sleep last night as had lots of strange dreams about Ethan. Then had to get him ready for nursery as he was having lunch there today while I went to work for a few hours. Then we went to Asda, stopping off at the park on the way home. E fell over and scrapped his leg, so he was v upset, he also scrapped the palm of his hand ( i remember just how much that used to nip!), but thanks to a special lolly he was fine. These lolly's are great - Jay discovered them because of her diabetes, so they are sugar free and v tasty, the perfect treat!

E is in the bath, so I have just run around with the hoover, changed the beds and finished off my ironing!!

I want to do some scrapping tonight, as I brought home lots of lovely goodies from work (well if i didn't take advantage of my 20% discount it would be silly!). I'm working again tomorrow, it is so much fun and I have the perfect outlet for my OCD... keeping the patterned paper trays in order, and the ribbons in colour sequence. I keep giving all the customers the evil eye... just in case they mess up my new system!!.

Hopefully my new phone will come tomorrow, but what are the chances they will come when i am at work!? Oh and my aunt should be bringing Ethan's new scooter up, so more scrapped knees, oh dear!


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