Thursday, 8 May 2008

Life at the beach ....

My boy and I have just returned home - all happy and sun baked with wind-swept hair ...

After nearly 3 hours down there and lots of funny, sweet conversations, I am left with such a lovely happy warm fuzzy glow (or could that be the sun!!?)... I just love spending special moments with my boy and now that we have discovered our little beach paradise I feel so blessed.

We deviated slightly from our route today, we didn't go to the 'Magic door Beach' as E has named it, but did a bit of exploring and found a nicer sandier beach. I asked him what we should call this one and he named it 'Handover beach'!?

So I am off to brush the sand from my legs, cook the dinner and be thankful for the wonderful life i have.

Happy thoughts to everyone

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