Thursday, 1 May 2008

I spoke to soon!!!

I am just back from my fist ever A&E trip with Ethan!

I noticed blood on his top when i collected him from nursery, then when i was tying his shoes i noticed this big gaping cut on his chin. So I went in to speak to his teachers and they hadn't even noticed!! He hadn't told them, or cried, bless my wee monkey. His wee friend Riley kindly pointed out where it had happened (when they were playing house!).

One of them gave it a quick wipe and suggested I take him to get it stitched, so after phoning my doctors, i was on my way to A&E. E wasn't at all impressed as the last time he was at the Dr he had his pre-booster and so obv thought they were going to inject him!. He fell asleep on the way to A&E, so i was obv busy worrying that he shouldn't be sleeping after a bang on the head. When he woke up he was all disorientated and upset and hugged the male nurser, which was v funny!! Anyway, he didn't need a stitch in the end, just a dressing...

Phew ... Hopefully I will have another 4 years before my next visit!!

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