Thursday, 1 May 2008

Happy, Happy, Happy!!

Finally I seem to be having some good luck .. I definitely think that 2008 is going to be a good year, well it certainly beats 2006 and 2007!!

It all started when we moved in here the week before Christmas, then with E getting into the nursery up the road, and now I have this new job....

I have just come back from a meeting with them and i am really, really excited. I start on Wednesday and not only I am going to be working in the craft department, she is really keen for me to develop and organise their craft events!!!

(FYI, I used to be an events organiser/work in PR). So this is excellent as I get to do two of the things I love best, (apart from being a Mummy!!) craft and organise (don't think I can get away with my Madonna-style head-set .. god i loved wearing that!!). Hee hee...

The only downer is that I wont be able to go back to running the Kirkcaldy Crop that I set up with Jay over a year ago. Hopefully I can still attend the odd one, but Jay needs more support than I can give her right now, as our little baby is really growing fast ......

Anyway, the sun is shining and life is good, plus 19 weeks today I will be flying to Petra!! So here are some photos of Molyvos harbour ... just to let you know why i am so excited! (Are you looking Jo? That is where we will be having our dinner!!)

Hope you are all having a great day.

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