Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Artist in residence

My boy and I have been busy today, we have been making a card for his step-grandad Alan, who is 70 this weekend. E decided that we should draw round his hands and feet, cut them out and colour them in. These are making up the main elements of the card (still a work in progress), but I am going to have to get him to do it again sometime as I think it would look really cool on a LO.

He has just drawn this picture for me (he has also been drawing lots of treasure maps, with x's to mark the spot, this is his Indiana Jones influence!!). I just had to scan this picture, as it is the first time he has (for me) drawn a proper picture of a person... It is so cute and adorable, i am going to keep it forever!! James told me something funny the other day. E and his dad went to see the new Indiana Jones film at the weekend (E saw the first 3 when they were on the TV recently and is now obsessed!!), when it started E exclaimed 'who is that old man daddy!?' ... so I guess Harrison Ford isn't aging that well... hee hee the observations of a child!!

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Jazzy1972 said...

Awwww Bless E.