Sunday, 1 June 2008

High heels and sore feet!!

But what a ball... I collected E from nursery on Thursday and his teacher said that he had been a complete star and eaten ALL his lunch!! So i promised him a trip to the Disney store once we got to Edinburgh. It took him a while to decide, but finally he chose Mike from Monsters Inc. I also got him The Fox and The Hound (sob, sob) and Brother Bear on DVD as an early birthday present. Once I had dropped E with his dad, I headed on over to Jo's and we went out for a very lovely dinner. We enjoyed a couple of cocktails at the bar, a yummy French martini (i mean, so so yummy!!) and a Cosmo (obviously) and also enjoyed the yummy barman! After a fab 3 course meal, 2 espressos and a bottle of presecco, we wandered home, all giggly, with sore feet and full of chit chat! After a little fashion show, some tunes from my mp3 and a slow dance, we fell into bed and apparently i talk in my sleep ('it's in the basket'!!!).

I had a little bit of a sore head in the morning, but after a nice lie in I went to meet Jo for a coffee in the 'holy land'. I was going to attempt to use my GPS but ran late and opted for a taxi, who got lost (WTF!?) and i ended up having to walk anyway.

I had a lovely 'me' day, went shopping ( i ended up getting 2 new dresses and other bits and bobs!!) and got my hair cut (got to love the head massage!!). It was a fab relaxing day, apart from the bit where i ran totally late and had about 5 minutes to get ready and head out to meet everyone for cocktails before the film!! Much to our excitement they were serving alcohol in the cinema. So we stocked up (much to Jo's peril .... 3 beers equal a full bladder, equal missing last 20 mins of film due to lack in concentration due to full bladder, hee hee!!) and sat down with our hot dogs (I obviously carefully arranged some napkins to avoid ketchup splash-back, lol!) to enjoy the film ....................................................

The film is great, defo worth seeing. It was fab to see all the girls ... but we were all left a little disappointed. All the elements were there, but despite the 2 1/2 hours, the 'essence' of the characters were missing, it felt a little rushed and not always true to the TV show. But I will obviously be buying the DVD to watch again and again!! We all nearly cried at parts and I laughed a little too much at one bit. The ending was great, it just felt like a little something was missing, maybe that is what happens when you translate a TV phenomenon into a film ..?

What was great, was how many people had dressed up too. I was glad so many people wanted to celebrate the occassion and honour of the show! What was annoying was the group of women at the front, who talked too much and cackled at the main bits!

Last night Jo came over and we got Chinese, cried at PS I Love You and talked about all our favourite SATC episodes and then watched 4 more (**private joke time .... 'but how old is he supposed to be?' ... hee hee!!).

Can't wait until my holiday now, it is going to be fab!!

Ethan came back from London tonight, with a massive on Beth, his 11 year old step-cousin. Apparently he demanded a kiss form her when she left ( I would of preferred Victoria, she was always my favourite, lol!!). He told me that he is going to marry her now!

I've got a cocktail party on Friday, so i will give my poor sore feet a few days to rest then step into my fabulous shoes and fabulous new dress and have a fabulous time .... and enjoy a yummy french martini!! Hee hee!!

Chao dahlings

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