Monday, 16 June 2008


Morning All,

Well it is Monday again, doesn't it seem to come round awfully quickly?? 3 Weeks today my boy will be 4 years old. I am still adjusting to that fact, as i can still see him as a tiny baby, and now it will be no time at all before he is in his blazer heading off to his first day at 'big school'!!

We were at a family BBQ last night, it was so much fun and great to have everyone together. The weather was quite good (although we did have to resort to fleeces as the evening wore on) and thank goodness for the gazebo, as it kept off the rain when we had a little shower. The food was fab and we had a lovely little dancing and gymnastics display from the boys!! Am also planning more holidays!! Have booked off a week in October and Jo and I are going to look into going away with Ethan, Lou and Joseph, somewhere kid friendly like Centre Parcs. Then we are going to have a girly weekend away in November, probably somewhere involving lots of 'craic', lol!!

I think I have also worked out how to make Ethan's birthday cake, as he is desperate for it to be a 'Dr who cake' ... so have had to get my thinking cap on.

Joanne and I are also going to do the Moonwalk next year, so better get in training, watch out I will be asking you all for sponsor money, lol!

Working for 3 hours today, so need to get a move on. Hopefully I can finish the LO I was working on over the weekend, it is using some of the photos Ethan took of me, v funny!!

Back later
em xx

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