Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Double trouble ....

I don't know how parents with more than one child do it ....?!

We currently have a little house guest, little Logan came to stay last night so I now have a nearly 3 and a nearly 4 year old running riot in my house. Logan is trying his hardest to corner the cats, but I have told him that Father Christmas is a cat lover and wouldn't be pleased!!

We have all been up since 6.30, so I will probably fall asleep soon .... need to stay awake long enough to greet the postie, who should be bringing me treats!! (particularly looking forward to my teamie ribbon challenge!!)

Need to get my thinking cap on creatively-wise, as we have a big summer extravaganza day at work soon and they want me to demonstrate scrapbooking ....!

Right - better go and break up the 'i want up on the chair' fight...
back soon
em xxx

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