Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Un Enfant!!

Well, phew, I am back down to normal child levels!!

It was fun really and he is such a sweetie, I am just getting too old!!

Anyway, here is a LO I finished the other day, but haven't had a chance to upload before now. As I am really in to sewing at the moment, I decided to make lots of little pillows as the LO is all about E sleeping in my comfy bed. This was great fun, and I made too many, so will have to find another use for them. Have decided to give in and get a proper sewing machine, as I would definitely use it. Found a nice one at John Lewis, so will have a look at it, when I am over next week.

Also been trying to sort the summer holidays, filling it with stuff to keep E busy. Rachel, Logan, E and I are going to go away to Haven for a few days. Will be great for the kids and we can have a nice bottle of wine once they are in bed, hee hee! Also trying to price going back to Disneyland Paris in Jan/Feb, as there have been loads of adverts for it on the TV and E keep asking. He is a better age for it this time, and I loved it anyway ....

Can you tell I am in Holiday mode ??!!

Anyway - just got him to bed, so I am going to get comfy and watch Emmerdale, then try to have enough energy for some scrapping as I got some lovely gifts from the postman this morn!


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