Friday, 20 June 2008

Sick, gross, yuk!

Ugggg I haven't been well... After a really nice meal out on Wednesday with Rachel and our boys, I woke at 3am with with the certain knowledge that I was going to be sick immanently ... the event arrived at 5am. It was horrid, yuk, gross.. i won't go into detail. But i was very unwell. I am only just out of bed and haven't been able to eat anything since wed. Not that I want to eat anything, the thought of food makes me want to vomit all over again!!

I ate a chicken salad the night before and that doubled with watching River Cottage Spring and Hugh's campaign on intensive chicken farming have made me determined never to eat chicken again and then if I ever do it will only be free range organic chicken.

I knew all about the horrendous living conditions of intensive farmed chickens, but some how a cheap tesco chicken makes you able to push that to the back of your mind, but the nutritional evidence (of lack of) speaks for itself. There is no nutritional value in non-organic free range chicken and there is more fat than a MacDonald's. So it isn't the healthy option we once thought of and chickens today have no omega 3, which is entirely down to the way in which they are reared. Unlike the organic free range, who get to run outside (or just set foot outside!) and eat grass, all factors which help to produce the essential brain food, omega 3. This is an important factor for me as a mother, I want the best for my son and i really worry about what goes in his mouth. So I know it is much more expensive and we may eat less chicken as a result, but from now on, E and I are only eating organic free range.

I have signed up for Hugh's campaign, as ultimately i think that supermarkets have a duty to the consumer and should reduce the price, so we can all eat healthier and give the chickens a better quality of life.

Right, I am off my soap box now as i need to have a bath and open the craft obsessions order that has just arrived, lol!!


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Helen (weehaggis) said...

Hope you are feeling better now - sounds yukky!

Congratulations on you LO in this month's SI - it's a fab layout - really caught my eye and then I realised who it was by!!!!