Thursday, 12 June 2008

Bad Brother!!

(**not my own brother, for he is fab, but the TV show**)

Now, I love BB, I am a massive fan, I am not one of these closet fans, you know the kind 'No, I don't watch it, trash TV, a manifestation of all that is wrong in society' but then they secretly watch it when no one is looking. I hold my hands up and say 'i love big brother'!! ....

However, I am struggling with this year's show, mainly down to one factor, Alexandra. She has to be the most hideous, poisonous, nasty specimen that they have ever had on. The past two nights have been really hard to watch, as she launched into a aggressive, bullying tirade against her fellow housemates. I was so angered by her bullying behaviour on Tuesday night that I promptly emailed channel 4 to complain. Now I have never, ever been pushed to do that before...

So I hope they get rid of her quickly, so i can go back to cringing and laughing at the numptys and all their shenanigans!!

Had a lovely week. Finished making Ethan's birthday invites, he is getting quite excited and wants all manner of DR Who merchandise for his birthday. I am trying to persuade him that the ELC Farm set is much nicer ... (we will see who wins!).

I also had a wee shopping trip this week, got 3 square punches, and the lovely, lovely, lovely (so lovely I had to say it three times) DCWV stack Nana's Nursery (in Boy). It is beautiful and I think i will have to go back and buy the girl version (just in case we get a wee baby girl in September!!). Also got a load of fabric samples and some yummy buttons.

Also got my invite for Grainia and Kelan's wedding. It will be fantastic, can't believe they are finally getting married, I love them both so much and the wedding is going to be V swish, with a Mass at St Mary's Cathedral and afterwards off to Edinburgh Castle for 'Ceol Agus Craic'!! Will be great to meet up with everyone again, and I am bound to cry lots. Ethan's dad is going too, so will need to psych myself up for that, but it should be fine (as long as he doesn't bring anyone, lol!). Getting info on the Hen soon, will be over in Ireland, as they both live in Belfast now, so will be fab fun.

Also going up to see my Nanny for a week in August, hope the weather holds as she has a great big garden and it will be lovely to hang out in the garden and sample all Graham's veg!! (E loves picking peas and helping me dig up the potatoes, because he can find worms, lol!).

Some exciting news, is that my team over on UKS are tentatively planning a wee retreat for all of us. We have discussed meeting in the Lakes (as it is in the middle!!) and hiring a cottage to scrap, chat and giggle, should be fab! So watch this space, I might be dragging all my crafting goodies around the country very soon, lol!

Right, I am off to wrap James' Fathers Day pressie, as he is collecting E tonight. E decided that he wanted to give daddy a nice mug, as he broke his other one. He picked a cute one that says 'I 'heart' Daddy', and then he picked some nice fruit tea, (James doesn't like coffee and drinks lots of fruit/herbal teas). So I should get some brownie points for that, plus he did make an effort for mothers day, so i should really reciprocate, lol!

Ok, toodle oo'
em xx

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