Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Ant attack

I discovered an invasion of ants marching up and down my hall last night. Despite much midnight dyson-ing and a nightmare about cockroaches, they were still there this morning. So an emergency strategy, other than a jam jar of sugar water was called for! After many bottles of ant killer were purchased (dam those little sods on my brand new beige carpet!!), E and I had a little shopping trip and fun of our own.

He has been so good and lovely and yummy and cute recently, adjusting really well to my new job, that I decided he needed a little treat. He has also been hankering for Bee Movie for a while now, plus I haven't seen it, so he got to pick that. Then he picked out a little outfit for himself (thankfully he seems to have decent taste in clothes) he looked so grown up, carrying his own shopping bag. After a little more shopping, where he managed to wangle a few toys, we headed out for a scrummy dinner. He was really well behaved and great company, plus he ate loads of his dinner. He also took great pleasure in charming and entertaining our fellow diners, while i slurped on a glass of wine!!

All in all it was a great afternoon/evening - and to top it all off, I seem to have nuked all the ants .. so fingers crossed they wont make a reappearance!

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