Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Don't ya just love it when a plan comes together ...?!

Ahhhh the satisfaction.....

My new TV was delivered this afternoon while E was napping. They just plonked this HUGE massive box in the middle of my living room and left ...

So..... I decided to try and get it all set up. First I had to assemble the stand, which proved problematic, especially when E woke up half way through. But bless him, he was very helpful, he even asked me at one point 'do you want me to leave you alone mummy?' ....

I couldn't understand the instructions, then the screws kept falling down the hollow legs, but finally I managed to get it together, or what i thought was together ..

Next i had to lift the TV out of its box ... this was a major task, but one that i wasn't going to let defeat me. Even if the picture on the instructions recommended that two people lift it. So giving myself a mild hernia, i managed to get it out of its box and onto the stand .. but it didn't look right. Then when i tried to get the shelfs attached I realised that i had screwed in the back leg back to front... cue much under my breath swearing.

So off came the TV, but I couldn't work out how to get it to look like the picture, it just wouldn't fit .... it took Ethan pointing out the right way (seriously, my boy is a genius!!). So after getting the stand properly assembled I then had to lift the TV once again... oh my... but i did it. YAY!!!!

Then i connected up the old TV to my bedroom DVD player and freeview box, and guess what ... perfect signal. For some reason it now gave me all the channels!! Double YAY!!

So next on my TV project was to move my little bedroom TV to the kitchen ... jiggle the work surface clutter around a bit and guess what ... yep perfect signal. Triple YAY!!!

So I was one happy woman. At times I did feel like giving up, especially when i couldn't lift the TV ... should I call my neighbour ... why was my brother off shore when i needed him ... ? Do i just need a man to help me lift heavy objects??!! No, I am stubborn and managed it all on my own, with a little help from Ethan. What a team.

Then to top it off, I got a phone call to say that I got the part time job i had interviewed for ... and guess what ... it is in the CRAFT DEPARTMENT!!!! YAY, YAY, YAY, YAY!!!

All is very good in my corner of the world today!


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Jo said...

I'm sooooo happy that you had such a positive constructive day yesterday (and also proved that you don't need a man - except E of course!) J xxxx