Tuesday, 8 April 2008

I'm confused ...

... yes it isn't hard, but i am confused. It is this weather, wish it would make up its mind, i don't mind either rain, snow or sun, just wish it would decide which one!!

Despite this, we had another fun day today. My friend Lisa came up with her little boy Harry and we went to the park and then for lunch. Lisa had a ball (and here is the photographic evidence!!)I have known Lisa since we were 16 and it is photos like this, that remind me that we are maybe not that old after all ....!!?

Then my Aunt popped in for a cup of tea and we got some good family news, which has made me really happy!

So all is well with my world tonight!! E is in bed (well he was up at 6.30am), so I am going to get some scrapping done as have a Lo I have been thinking about for a while (hold the front page .... I am in the photo!!!).

em xx

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