Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Starbucks lurve ....

Hola everyone,

Sorry it has been a few days since my last post, have been v busy the past few days, have had a total ball!

I was over in Edinburgh on Thursday night, Ethan was staying the night with my brother. E really loves Geoff and especially loves his car! Well, he especially likes the fact that at the push of a button the roof comes down...

So away they drove with the wind ruffling their hair. My two boys, they are so alike in so many ways, it makes me smile, and I am so touched at their special relationship.

On my arrival in Edinburgh, I just had to have a Starbucks, I love, love, love Starbucks... when I was living over there I had one pretty much every day.

There are no decent places for coffee in Kirkcaldy, so as you can imagine I was gagging for my Starbucks fix (think if i had the cash I would start a Starbucks franchise in Fife!!). Jo came to meet me, we went back to hers and then had a quick tea (bless her, she indulged my current salad addiction .. cant help it am totally loving rocket and watercress at the moment, am going through bags of the stuff!). Then we went speed dating with Lou and Lisa. It was fun, as long as you don't go with the thought that you are going to find your soul mate, lol. No decent men, not that I am looking anyway, but it was great to get out and have a laugh .... Friday was the 25th .. so the start of my Shimelle challenge, Jo got much amusement from me snapping away at the alarm clock, cup of tea and pretty much everything else in sight. We had a lovely morning walk trough Edinburgh and the meadows on the way to Jo's work ... then I went to Starbucks for breakfast (cue much snapping away on my camera!!).I did a bit of shopping, got some Liz Earle in John Lewis' and as E had been so well behaved, as promised I got him a 'soft buzz' at the Disney shop... More snapping as I walked to the train.More snapping on the train, quite frankly I seemed to photograph most of the day!! E came back and "soft buzz' was an instant hit. I headed back to Ed on sat afternoon, again stopping for another Starbucks at the station. Jo and I then went out for a lovely Italian (managed to find a pizza with my adored Rocket, lol!), had some lovely wine and some scrummy puddings. Much chat, putting the world to rights and anticipating our holiday 'in a permanent state of excitement' to quote Joanne, lol!! On Sunday we went to the Body and Soul fair, after stopping for another Starbucks for breakfast, lol. I love going along to these (twice a year at the assembly rooms), i find it an extremely rejuvenating, inspiring and relaxing experience ... and we both came away feeling great and so much more positive.

Then I headed down to have tea with E and James. I had been dreading this and was very anxious about it. But after the positive affirmations taken on at the Body and Soul fair, i was much more able to cope, and actually had a lovely time . I certainly think E loves having us together, without the tense, difficult environment of before . Athough he was asking is we were having a sleepover, lol!!!

I did feel quite emotional at times being back in Edinburgh...

I certainly miss it, the architecture, the hustle and bustle, the excitement, the Starbucks and all the people, there is just a buzz. Also it was the town of my relationship with James, where I worked at Shelter, so I have many happy memories. Also it is where E was born, where we took him for all his 'firsts'. I wandered around looking at everything and remembering our time there, seeing the ghosts of my past walking the streets beside me. Not that I regret moving back to Fife, but I do miss Edinburgh. I realised this weekend, that I would certainly want to move back at some point, maybe when E is away at Uni!!?

Back to daily life yesterday, although I still fell very positive and so aware of how fortunate I am right now. After the difficulties of last year, I can fully appreciate how great things are now for E and I. Plus the sun was shining and we went down to the beach to collect stones and sea glass, pure joy!!!


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