Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Product Review ....E - Z Runner

A group of us have been selected to do a product review on a 'mystery product', this turned out to be an Scrapbook Adhesives E - Z Runner. As any crafter worth her salt will use adhesive of some kind at every crafting opportunity, this was a very welcomed product to 'road test'! As i said, I am always using an adhesive, I normally have 3 on the go. I typically use DST, Herma for papers and card and I use Anita's Tacky Pva glue for smaller detailed work and chipboard. (I personally prefer this to using Glossy accents, as a glue as I can see where it is going). I have used quite a few glues and tape products in the past that, quite frankly haven't been up to the job, two minutes in the album and all the embellishments are rattling around the bottom of the page protector! I also want my adhesive to be fairly easy and straightforward to use ( i have about 6 rolls of the hallowed 'sticky dots' sitting in a box as they were far too fiddly for me and i recently had an 'experience' with silicon glue tube all over my hands). So a good adhesive is always a bonus!

The E- Z Runner was very easy to remove from its packaging and simple to use, I have used it on 2 LOs so far, one involved lots of cardboard and a heavy cardboard frame covered in a great deal of crackle paint and it has stuck down perfectly. I have had it sitting upright on my LO easel ever since and it hasn't budged! The runner went on smoothly, although it took a few attempts to get isolated strips rather than the 'run' of them. Once I got the hang of doing this, this was a great feature, as rather than dots of adhesive (like herlma, xyron or sticky dots) the E - Z is actual small strips of tape, you can pick them off paper and I also put a few on my finger to add to small buttons. Also despite being a permanent tape, it is repositionable if you don't stick it down too hard at first. I usually don't do this until I am completely happy with a LO, but at the last minute I decided to move something and I was able to lift it off my LO without ripping and the tape left no tell tale residue.

In terms of its look and feel, I liked the E - Z runner, it is similar in style to herma and the Xyron runners. You can see inside to check how much tape remains, which is great as i hate it when you run out in the middle of a LO, after using it on the 2 LOs (and i wasn't scrimping on tape!) I still have a lot remaining. It felt comfortable in my hands and didn't slip.

The only downside to this product is that at the current price, I don't think it is good value for money as it isn't refillable (like Herma or Xyron). However this is the only factor that would prevent me from buying the product in the future. However if they were to make it refillable then I would certainly use it and also recommend it to others.

Thanks for reading.
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