Tuesday, 8 April 2008


We had another first last night - E and i were watching Tarzan together and he got really upset when the Kurchek (sp?) the big gorilla gets shot and dies ....

'but why did he have to die mummy'

... that is such a hard question. He has watched it a million times before, but maybe now he is starting to understand death?? I remember back to when I was little and I sobbed my heart out when Bambi's mum dies, or the end of Little House on the Prairie (it all so seemed to sad at the time) .. or anything for that matter....

Oh my sweet boy!! Bless his heart! All the things he is going to learn along the way, I wish he didn't have to experience the hard things, the pain, the grief when you loose someone .... I guess all I can do is love him and help him to understand.


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