Thursday, 17 April 2008

Holi holi day!!!


Just booked my holiday. Can't wait, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Petra, and I am so glad I know I am going back this year. I do feel really guilty that I am not taking E away with me, I have never been away without him (except one night away to Stobo for my SIS's hen weekend!). But he will be away in Centre Parcs with his dad, so he shouldn't notice too much!! I haven't been away for a girlie holiday since i was 22, so 2 years ha ha !! (only kidding, it will be 11 years!). I know Joanne and I will have a great time, I just can't wait for my first Mythos ... lovely cold beer!

Defo need to start brushing up on my Greek, as I won't have my Aunty to fall back on, and Jo doesn't know any!

Right, need to get that Davina DVD on!!


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