Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Somewhere over the rainbow ......

Yuk, what a horrid day. Ethan isn't feeling very well again today, nothing specific, just a wee bit out of sorts. So he doesn't want to go to nursery today.

I have set up a 'dent' for him with two chairs, some blankets and cushions (FYI a 'dent' is E's version of a Den, lol!!). He is watching the Wizard of Oz, I am making a pot of potato and leek soup and we are going to stay in out of the rain.

My new TV also gets delivered today, so I am v excited about that. Also in the middle of a LO that I am really enjoying, using the Sultry BG papers. Hopefully he will have a nice long nap like yesterday and I can finish reading my copy of SI and catch up on series 2 of Dexter (sob, it isn't the same without the ice truck killer, sob ...!).

Hope you are all having a nice day too.

em xx

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