Friday, 11 April 2008

Spout, handle, lid of metal......what's inside the sinning tettle ....

I watched Katie and Peter last night - and laughed out loud, they are so funny. I loved when they were in the Greek restaurant, I love Greek music. Joanne and I are planning to go away in September and I can't wait. I am taking her to Petra, one of my favourite places on the planet. Hope she likes it, it will be strange going back without E, but it will be nice to have some peace and some quality, girly time with her!! (Now this is to check and see if she is reading this, lol!!) Here is a pic of Jo, that I nicked from her, is from her tirp to NYC, nice lolly!!!! We are also going speed dating in 2 weeks, which will be fun. We have been before and it is v funny, I am only doing it for a laugh, just trying to decide which personality to create, ha ha ha!!!

We had a blast yesterday, it was the singing kettle. It was a pirate theme and E was fully kitted up. We met Rachel and Logan when we got there, and the boys had great fun. E got picked to go up on stage, but when we got down to the stage he wouldn't go on without me, which isn't really part of the act, lol!! So maybe next year he will be a bit braver! They did my favourite song 'i like to eat eat eat , i like to eat apples and bananas' ... I was subjected to endless rounds of the singing kettle videos when Jody and Abigail were little, so I think I enjoyed it as much as the kids!! Then after we met up with Hils and her wee boy Struan, it was so funny watching the boys play together. Stru was particularly enthralled with Charlie and Lola, alas they were not as keen!!

Also Debbie and Geoff came round for a visit, Stru was quite taken with Geoff, v cute. I gave them the mini book I had made them (from Cleo's kit) and they loved it, Deb actually started crying a bit... we will forgive her as she is pregnant!! But it was a brilliant reaction, and made me feel so proud and touched. She asked me if I would make a wedding album for them, I was planning to do this anyway, but was extra nice that she asked. As the bestest Aunt and Uncle ever, they didn't come empty handed and brought a Power Ranger dress-up suit for Ethan, complete with 6-pack! He loved it, I will try and get some photos up later. But he is going through a 'don't takre my pictte mummy' phase, lol!!

Oh nearly forgot - got a phone call from my bank yesterday, and they asked it i was trying to make a 6000 payment for goods in Romania ... err no, wish i had 6000 to spend. They stopped it, but i was obviously nearly a victum of identiy theaft, a bit scary!!!

Ok - got to go and play with my boy now.
Hope you all have a great day!
em xx

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Hils said...

The pirate photos are fantastic!