Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Tired bunny

... I am not Ethan!!

I decided today to rearrange my desk area until I get my new desk and shelving. The shelving i am currently using isn't attached to the wall, so is resembling the leaning tower of really useful boxes (star attraction in Rome, I tell you!!). So i went to Rejects diy department to get appropriate raw plugs for plasterboard. Then armed with my drill (i love using my drill, makes me feel all powerful and liberated!!) I attempted to insert them into the wall. But alas, i could only get the drill to go half way, not far enough for the plugs... don't know why? It is the wall that goes on to my next door neighbour, so it is obviously masonry after the plasterboard, and my little girly arms couldn't push hard enough on the drill... will have to get my Bro round to help!!

As well as doing this though, I had decided to move my desk, so that it all created an L shape, which I would sit behind. But once i had moved it all (including everything off the shelves and the pc) it looked silly .... so I deciuded to move it all back again!

Then it was obviously time to go and collect E......

So i had to put it all back where it was before... although I arranged the leaning tower differently, with heavier boxes at bottom. I currently have a chair wedged against the shelving unit to stop it from doing its Pisa impression.

Been toying with the idea of starting to make my book for the Shimelle class, but i think I will just make my dinner (tuna nicoise salad) and watch some tv .... am nearly at the end of the first series of Dexter and it is Grrrrreat (why does the dishy doctor have to be a bad guy .... boo hoo!?).

I will defo remember to upload the photos from the weekend tomorrow (E and I were in the newspaper!!). But here is one to keep you going, lol!

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Hils said...

What were u in the paper for? Come on spill!